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Signs You Might Have Broken Garage Door Springs

At Suwanee Garage Door Repair in Suwanee, Georgia, we are often called upon to repair garage door springs. In some cases, however, the problem is not the garage door spring. The garage door is the largest piece of equipment that is attached to your home. If it is not working correctly you risk being harmed by the door or your car might be damaged by your door, if it should happen to fall-down. This is certainly a possibility of your springs are not sturdy. Your springs should be able to hold the weight of the door. When they become worn, they may no longer be able to do this. Our technicians are very helpful in helping homeowners identify when they might need new garage door springs or when they may need garage door spring repairs. This article is also meant to assist you in determining when it is time to give our service technicians a call to make need repairs to your garage door springs. Take note.

  • Broken Spring or Broken Cable

A lot people contact us and tell us that they have a broken cable. This is a possibility because they can disconnect from your garage door and get caught between the door jambs. However, it is highly unlikely that your springs are broken and your cables are fine. When your door has two torsion springs, it is usually the second one that keeps the cables held tightly together on the drums. If you look up at the spring of your garage, you can usually determine if it is broken. In some cases, you may have springs that are inside a tube and requires you to manually lift the door to see if the springs are broken. This is a job that is best performed by one of our qualified service technicians.   

  • Garage Door Opens Slightly and Stops

In most cases, it isn’t until someone is leaving their home or trying to open the door that they realize there is a problem. They still may not realize that the problem is a broken garage door spring. When you push your wall opener and you notice your garage door opens about 6” but then it stops, it is because the opener force has been activated. This makes the opener stop pulling the door open. This is a feature that was designed for safety purposes and is found on most new garage door openers. It helps to prevent damages to your door and the opener.
Even if you use your car remote, you might notice that the door begins to slowly open and later picks up speed. When there is a broken spring, the opener may open it slowly because the door is so heavy but later pick up momentum. When this happens, you should just close the door and pull on the emergency release lever. Then try to lift the door. If the door doesn’t easily open, you have a broken spring.

  • You Notice a Loud Noise in Your Garage

When the spring in your garage door breaks there is a lot of energy involved. Your torsion springs are mounted over your garage door and have shaft in the middle. If the spring breaks, it will quickly unwind and what you’ll hear are the sounds from the coils that are quickly spinning on the shaft. It will usually startle you because it is so loud.  
If you hear a loud noise in your garage and you know that someone is leaving or coming in, don’t assume it is nothing, and assume that the spring in your door has broken. Then contact a professional garage door service as quickly as possible to make the necessary repairs.

When you have extension springs, they are a little more obvious because they are hanging down. If these break, they can be very dangerous if there is no safety cable. This is what holds the spring in place if it should happen to break.  

  • Garage Door is Bent in Top Portion

If you’re opening your garage door and the opener bends the top section, this means you’re trying to open your door with a broken spring. This is not unusual when the open force is all the way up on the circuit board. The garage door opener has an open and close force on it for safety reasons. Replacing the top half of your garage door may be expensive, depending on the type of garage door you have. In some cases, simply replacing the strut will work to straighten the bend enough that it is not ever recognizable.  

  • The Door Falls Down Quickly

If your door comes down faster than it usually does when closing it, you probably have a broken spring. Your garage door opener is not made to hold too much weight. Therefore, when the door is unbalanced, it will bring the door down much faster than it normally would.  

Having a garage door is certainly convenient but don’t think that you can continue using it without some type of maintenance. When you neglect your garage door, it will eventually begin to fail you. Your garage door springs are very important to your garage door since they are the ones that do the heavy lifting of your garage door. If they are weak and worn, you don’t want to mess around with them. Springs hold a lot of tension in them and they can be extremely dangerous if they are not repaired or if they are not repaired properly. There has been reported loss of life due to accidents related to broken springs. This is how serious it is to make sure that when you notice something unusual occurring when you use your garage door, that you do not ignore it. Get the help that you need from a reputable and reliable garage door service. Reputable because this means they have earned the respect of others and reliable because you want to make sure they show up when you need them.

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