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> Garage door won't work, things to check before calling a professional (batteries, photo eye blockage or alignment, manual lock, door path blockage)

Is your garage door not working? Whether a lighting storm has caused an electrical fault, you've got some dirt and grime blocking your door's sensors, or your door is out of track for whatever reason...Read more.

> Garage door opens or closes on its own

Here's a somewhat weird scenario - you come home after a hard day at the office and as you drive up to your property you notice something strange and alarming at the same time...Read more.

> Manual Garage door vs. Electric Garage door, pros and cons

Suwanee Garage Door Repair knows that it can get confusing shopping around for a new garage door. But you have to start somewhere. Most people start with...Read more.

> Garage door won't open or close with remote control

Is your garage door opener goes out of whack, there are numerous causes for your difficulties. Some are simple, and others are more problematic. Let's explore the possibilities...Read more.

> Most Common Garage Door Problems

Now that you have your new garage door installed, you're starting to notice that the door isn't coming down as quickly as it should. This may not be alarming to some people since...Read more.

> Spring systems for garage doors

Extension springs are reasonably priced, and they're the standard garage door spring system. Extension springs are certainly the most common, and...Read more.

> Proper weather sealant for garage doors

Our Suwanee Garage Door Repair customers sure do; especially when it gets cold...Read more.

> Signs You Might Have Broken Garage Door Springs

At Suwanee Garage Door Repair in Suwanee, Georgia, we are often called upon to repair garage door springs...Read more.

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